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South Florida computer Repair and support

We simply provide meticulous computer Repair & Guidance.

We administer Windows Server Networks, Windows PC Operating systems & assist you with any other technical challenges you have. While our business experience is in many of the following areas it is not limited to the list below; Accounting, Manufacturing, Medical, Law, Real Estate, or Retail. These companies' use of various hardware & software programs have given us experience over our 35 years of service. We will rid your systems of malicious programs, viruses, or whatever is ailing your computer.

We offer a flat rate of $75 if the infections can be removed. Sometimes they can't be safely removed, so the proper fix is to reload the operating system software.
 The meek squad, (not real name), will start with a fee of $99 to assess your infection, if they can't remove the malware they may wipe AND DELETE YOUR DATA!, or offer more services starting at $199, NOT caring about your data, WE DO CARE.

 We will properly reload your computers previous Windows Operating Systems starting at $95. AND include the data recovery of your files and favorites and music and videos as long as the hard drive is still functioning and you have a valid operating system code (sticker that came with machine) or the restore disc cd or dvd. That cost will include patching Windows through the latest service pack for your operating system. We will reload any other software provided/requested or customizations desired at an hourly rate of $75 per hour or even less for residential customers based on a monthly service plan.  We discount hourly services for everyone with a service plan or block prepayment arrangements. We quote projects with the a repair scope being defined before hand so the details are known to both parties.
NOTE: Residential clients are mostly home units, not units running Outlook/Exchange and or server shared environments.

We can support your network and home computers remotely, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can provide tutoring by appointment over many computer topics and most software, and some service plans start as low as $5 a month which includes free email, text support and remote assistance ability.

We will help you develop a technology plan that supports your level of personal or business needs.

 Protect your infrastructure, ideas, and investments. Call JOEPC.NET today, 954-261-6092.